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Who We Are


Legacy Preservation, Inc. is a stateside data processing outsource servicer that provides all aspects of the back-end office work for contractors and companies within the property management and property preservation industry.

What We Do

Our services allow the freedom for contractors and companies to focus on expanding their coverage area and growing their businesses without the worry of running an in-house office.

What We Offer

The goal of Legacy Preservation, Inc. is to provide exemplary service at a reasonable price that will give clients a peace of mind that all data entry office needs are met without delay on behalf of their company. 

The data entry services provided are:

Processing Bids

Processing Completions

Processing Inspections

Processing Invoices

Processing Photos

Facts About Us

Companies We Process


Main Company Websites We Process:

Asset Shield (LPS Service Link)

Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS)


Five Brothers Mortgage & Services

Black Knight Field Services (LPS)

M&M Mortgage Services

Mortgage Contracting Services

National Field Network (NFN)

Secondary Company Websites We Process:





National Field Representatives (NFR)

Prosper Industries

Safeguard Properties (recurring only)

Main Platforms We Work With:


Property Pres Wizard (PPW)

Secondary Platforms We Work With:

EZ Inspections

In-Field Express






" Y'all are seriously like my security blankie." ~AM

"I would DIE without you guys!!!  Thank you!! :)" ~SB

“Guys, it is a no-brainer to hire Legacy. Let the professionals do your uploading and get your evenings back.  Bonus, John and Peggy are awesome people, too!” ~JM

“We have rarely had an issue with completing the work, it is the processing that has choked us; while replacing an unreliable stand-alone processor, partnering with a processing firm staffed with seasoned, industry-specific staff has aided in our success!” ~RM

“I have been looking around for someone to update and you truly are one of a kind - You have built something stable, reliable and trustworthy AND you are kind and a joy to talk to...which is hard to find!  I am thinking impossible is a better word.” ~NF

"Life savers, you both are life savers. Thank you :)" ~AM

FAQs to Us

Are you taking on new clients?

Because we are specific about how we process our client's orders, we handle new clients and their needs on an individual basis before accepting new clients.  We want to ensure we can provide the best possible service to our clients, so we ask a multitude of questions before accepting new clients.

What is the process you use for each client's orders?

 We mimic the way each client processes, so when orders are submitted it will seem as only that client is submitting it and not a third-party processor.

Do you create bids and/or cost estimator bids?

We do create bids if we have a full list of bid pricing from the client and we are slowly transitioning into creating CE bids to better assist our client's needs.

How do you handle priority or rush orders?

We ask that our clients provide an email or note for any orders in need of processing immediately and we do those first.  If we do not receive any email or notes on orders we are assigned to process, we usually process based on due dates to ensure any late orders are processed first to help our clients keep good scorecards with their clients.

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Legacy Preservation is closed for all Major Holidays throughout the year.